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Pink Martini Ringtones

pink martini ringtones

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  • Pink Martini is a 12-member "little orchestra" from their official website from Portland, Oregon, formed in 1994 by pianist Thomas M. Lauderdale. They draw inspiration from music from all over the world – crossing genres of classical, jazz and old-fashioned pop.

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pink martini ringtones - Joy to

Joy to The World

Joy to The World

Traditional holiday favorites alongside gorgeous, lesser-known discoveries, all imbued with Pink Martini's signature little orchestra sound! Features an array of guests, including Japanese pop star Saori Yuki and NPR correspondent Ari Shapiro, backed by a fabulous gathering of Portland choirs.

This new CD features gorgeous 3-D packaging each layer of buildings will be a separate flap, giving the city four layers of die-cut depth. The digipak will be covered by a clear plastic panel, on which the album title will be printed, along with delicate white snowflakes that will appear to float in front of the city.

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Pink Martini @ Jones Hall

Pink Martini @ Jones Hall

I was sitting at work on Thursday and a couple of guys came in to look around. I did my usual concierge thing and advised them on some things to do. It turns out that one of the guys was the founder of Pink Martini, whom you may have heard in various film and TV soundtracks. Thomas Lauderdale, the band leader, then asked if I'd like to see the show they were playing at Jones Hall with the symphony. I accepted and took the rest of the family with me. Little did I realize they would be $97.00 orchestra seats. It was a great show and lots of fun. It turns out that Thomas went to one of the places I suggested three times while the band was here. Hugo's on Westheimer, you owe me big time! Oh, and the most strange thing was that I got a shout-out from the stage by Thomas. He mentioned the bookstore and suggested that everyone patronize it. I was not expecting that.

Pink Martini, Hey Eugene!

Pink Martini, Hey Eugene!

Pink Martini's third album, "Hey Eugene!" [Image stolen from]

pink martini ringtones

pink martini ringtones


Pink Martini s wildly popular debut, released in 1997, has sold
nearly a million copies to date. Described as breathtaking
by The New Yorker, Sympathique is timeless and beautiful.

While the cocktail lounge fad has seen more than a few musicians climb aboard as a career move, the members of Pink Martini are no bandwagon-riding aficionados. Fronted by pianist Thomas Lauderdale, Pink Martini is the real article--a band that approaches the music with unwavering seriousness yet never forgets the fun at the heart of it. Sympathique, the band's debut album reveals an incredibly diverse musical vocabulary on the part of frontman Lauderdale. And what singer China Forbes lacks in range and dynamics, she more than compensates for in attack, approach, and a clear understanding of the material. While most of the songs are upbeat, in the hands of Lauderdale and Forbes, "Que sera sera," with its dark atmospherics should be rechristened "Que sera noir." --Wayne Pernu

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